1999 Nautique

Up to 5 people

2 Hour min. booking.
Wakesurfing NOT available on this boat.

Come aboard our 1999 Sport Nautique. Great for smaller groups who are just starting out Wakeboarding, Water skiing or looking to gain confidence getting pulled behind a boat. This is sure to provide lots of fun for everyone of all ages. 5 people Max.


2006 Supra

6 Participants Max

2 Hour Min. Booking

Great deal for those looking to get out on the water and enjoy everything from wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, Fad, learning and progressing but do not require a pro level boat for your wake or wave.


2021 Axis A22

5+ People

2 Hour Min. Booking

If you have a bigger group, 5 to 10 people or just want the best wake and wave you can get. This is the deal for you. This is our Pro level boat. 2021 Axis A22. This boat provides a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Choose to Wakeboard, Wakesurf, FAD, Etc…


Family Deal

Those living in the same household

4 Participants Max

2 Hour Min. Booking

Best boat deal in the whole area for the families. We feel living in a tourist place our Families sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to things to do and get out priced with all the amazing things to do in the area. We try our best to help and keep this family deal affordable for those living in the same household this way everyone can enjoy getting on the lake, and maybe even be able to make it out more then once.


Get you started Private Lesson

1 To 2 People Private Setting

All Ages. Taught in a private setting were you can learn at your own pace. Get started and learn to pop up for the first time. Lessons are taught by a certified coach.

Scheduling is by Request only contact us to book





Shortest route (15min. from Truckee) Head north on CA-89 N toward Hobart Mills Rd. Turn right onto Hobart Mills Rd. Turn left onto Old Hwy 89. Slight right onto Hobart Mills Rd. Turn left onto Dog Valley Rd. Turn left onto Boat Launch Access.

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Other route is to follow Google maps it will take you the long way around and will take 30min from Truckee.