You book your Sessions. Meet at the meeting location get on board and after a quick safety briefing we are ready to go.

Our booking platform charges and extra 6% fee for online service. Call and book with us directly to avoid this fee. We also accept Venmo (@truckeewatersports) or cash.

Gratuity is always appreciated. Our boat Captains and Coaches split tips.

Bring your own towel, Swim wear, water and maybe snakes depending on how much time you have booked with us. If you have your own equipment you are more than welcome to bring it otherwise we have everything you will need. From Gear to life vest.

Full coolers of alcohol are not allowed, we are not a party boat, but if you are over 21 have a alcoholic beverage you would like to bring aboard and drink that is fine. We encourage you to drink responsibly.

Lake Tahoe although beautiful it’s not the place for water sports. With such a big body of water and limited wind protection it’s more like an Ocean, even when it is calm it does not compare to our other lakes in the area. If your looking for something a bit more private and to get away from the crowded tourist attractions hit us up. We want to provide the best water sports experience possible and that’s not on Tahoe. We have been able to find calm water even in 30 MPH winds.